Jason Fisher

Jason serves the Central District Region of Virginia Cooperative Extension, bringing leadership in promoting sustainable forest and natural resources management research and techniques to landowners, loggers, professional foresters, and educators to name a few. Major projects include awareness and implementation of logging safety practices, water quality best management practices by landowners, conservation options for land, Real Forestry for Realtors program, invasive plant and animal species management, and value-added production of natural hardwood charcoal and non-timber forest products.


  • 2001, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, MSEd – Career and Technical Education (Emphasis in Agriculture Education)
  • 1994, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bachelor of Science, Forestry and Wildlife, Minor: Biology    
  • 1991, Danville Community College, Associate of Science Degree


  • 2006-present, Extension Agent/ANR, Forestry and Natural Resources, Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE), Central District
  • 2003-2006, Extension Agent and Unit Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development, VCE - Halifax County
  • 2002-2003, Extension Agent and Acting Unit Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development, VCE – Halifax County
  • 1996-2002, Associate Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development, VCE - Halifax County          
  • 1995-1996, Horticulture Technician and Master Gardener Coordinator, Halifax County (county funded during state hiring freeze)

Honors and Awards

  • 2013, Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute Graduating Fellow
  • 2012, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Certificate of Recognition – 1st Place “Central Virginia Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Training”
  • 2011, Program Excellence Award District and State Winner – for Program Evaluation with “Central District Extension Forestry Survey Reveals Impact” – by Dr. Edward Jones, Director VCE
  • 2010, Promotion to Senior Extension Agent/ANR Forestry and Natural Resources
  • 2008, National Finalist, Communications Award - Video; National Association of County Agriculture Extension Agents
  • 2006, Ten Years of Service Award, VPI&SU
  • 2006, Award for Excellence - Mixed Media, Youth & Teacher Education (High Distinction), Southern Extension Forest Resource Specialists
  • 2005, State Flagship Award - 4-H Virtual Forest Development Team, Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM) Flagship Program
  • 2005, National Finalist, Communications Award - Learning Module, National Association of County Agricultural Agents
  • 2005, National Winner, Educational Piece – Team, National Association of Extension 4-H Agents
  • 2004, Volunteer Leadership Service Award, Smith Mountain Lake 4-H Educational Center Board of Directors (Six years service)
  • 2000, Outstanding Extension Agent in Central District with less than five years of service in the 4-H Program Area, Epsilon Sigma Phi
  • 2000, Halifax Education Association Whole Village Award, Virginia Education Association/NEA
  • 1998, State Team Award – 4-H State Forestry and Wildlife Planning Committee for Outstanding Achievement in VCE, Epsilon Sigma Phi
  • 1997, Outstanding Extension Agent in Central District with less than five years of service in the 4-H Program Area, Epsilon Sigma Phi

Membership and Major Offices in Professional Organizations

  • 2006-present, Virginia Forestry Association, Member
    • 2008, Membership committee
  • 2006-present, National Society of American Foresters, Member
  • 2006-present, Appalachian Society of American Foresters (APSAF), Member
  • 2006-present, Virginia Division Society of American Foresters (VA SAF), Member
    • 2012-2013, State Science and Technology Chair
  • 2006-present, Robert E. Lee Chapter Society of American Foresters
    • 2006-present, Continuing Forestry Education Committee Chair
    • 2010, Committee Chair
    • 2009, Committee Chair-Elect
  • 2006-present, Virginia Association of Agricultural Extension Agents (VAAEA), Member
  • 1996-2006, Virginia Extension Service Association (VESA), Member
  • 1995-2006, National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA), Member
  • 1995-2006, Virginia Association of Extension 4-H Agents (VAE4-HA), Member
    • 2002, NAE4-HA Conference, Norfolk, Virginia: Audio Visual Equipment Committee, Co-chair Tours on Wheels Sub-committee, Coordinator
    • 1999-2002, Logo/Printed Materials Committee, 1999-2002
    • 1999-2001, Nauticus Exhibit Committee, Co-chair
    • 1999, Senior Director, Central District
    • 1998, Junior Director, Central District

Participation on National, Regional, State or Major (Significant) Local Committees, Panels or Commissions


  • 2011-2013, Halifax County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors
  • 2007-2008,Forestry Advisory Committee, Halifax County Public Schools, Chair
  • 2007-2008, Halifax County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors
    • Extension Representative (in absence of county ANR agent)
    • Educational Advisor
    • Personnel Committee
  • 2004-2005,Halifax County Improvement Council
    • Litter Prevention Project, Chair
  • 2005, Halifax Agriculture Leadership Panel with Halifax County School
    • Superintendent, Committee Chair (To direct Vocational Education restructuring in agriculture education)
  • 2004, Halifax County Recreation Committee, Member
  • 1996-2004, Halifax United Way Board, Member
  • 1997-1998, Halifax School-to-Work Action Team, Member
  • 1996-1998, Halifax Family Prevention Policy Board, Member


  • 2009, Virginia Prescribed Fire Council, Virginia Department of Forestry
  • 2008-2009, Virginia Division APSAF Summer Meetings, Photography Contest, Chair


  • 2006-2008, Old Dominion Resource Conservation and Development Council
    • Forestry Subcommittee, Co-chair
  • 2000-2005, Virginia Friends of the National Rifle Association (FNRA) State Grant Allocations Committee, Member
    • 1999-2001, Southern Region  FNRA, Chair
    • 2001, Youth Education Committee, Chair


  • 2003-2004, 4-H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program National Invitational Planning Committee, Member

Participation on University, College or Extension Committees


  • 2000-2002, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Governance Committee
    • VCE Faculty Representative


  • 2009-present, Forestry and Woodlot Management Task Force, Central Virginia Community College (Investigating Technician Program and forestry degree transfer option)
  • 2007-2008, Southern Virginia Higher Education Center Forestry Education 
    • Committee, Advisor


  • 2012-2013, State Impact Evaluation Team- Natural Resources
  • 2009, Investing in Sustainable Forestry: A Pocket Guide for Virginia’s Landowners. Virginia Cooperative Extension Numbered Publication. 420-186. 11 p.
    • Committee Member (Published captions)
  • 2009, Five-Year Review Evaluation Coordinating Team for Central District Director, Co-chair
  • 2007-present, Virginia Forest Landowner Education Program Underserved Landowner Grant Allocations Committee, Member
  • 1996-present, Halifax Extension Leadership Council , Member
  • 2007, College of Natural Resources Quarterly Team Meeting, Chair. Virginia Department of Forestry Academy Training, Skelton 4-H Education Center, Franklin County, Virginia
  • 1996-2006, Central District 4-H Programming Committee
    • 1997-2005, District Presentations Contest Committee, Member
    • 1997-2003, Forestry Chair
    • 2002, Program Committee, Chair
    • 2001, Program Committee, Vice Chair
  • 1996-2006, State Curriculum Component Committee, Environmental Education and Natural Resources (EENR)
    • 2000-2004, Forestry Subcommittee, Chair
    • 1999-2000, Wildlife Subcommittee, Chair
    • 1998-1999, Committee Chair
    • 1997-1998, Forestry Subcommittee, Chair
  • 2004, Interview Committee for Pittsylvania County 4-H Agent Position, Member
  • 2004, Virginia Cooperative Extension State Extension Peer Review Committee for Senior Agent Promotion (Filling term of vacancy for Campbell County 4-H Agent)
  • 2004, Interview Committee for Franklin County 4-H EFNEP position, Member
  • 2004, Mentor for Franklin County 4-H Agent position
  • 2003-2004, State 4-H Strategic Planning Committee, Member
    • 4-H Adult Leader Representative
  • 1998-2003, State 4-H Forestry Judging Committee
  • 1997-1999, 4-H State Educational Design Team, Member

International Service/Activities

  • 2009, Halifax Public School Japanese Exchange Program – Agent worked with Japanese student in culturing shiitake mushroom growing, charcoal making, and gave shadowing experience of Virginia hardwood forest management
  • 2005, Agent located place of residence for Russian 4-H Exchange student for Powhatan 4-H leader
  • 2005, 4-H Virtual Forest – 2005 web usage statistics indicated users of this program resided in the United States and over 30 foreign countries
  • 2003, Agent hosted Bosnia Exchange 4-H group at 4-H Junior Camp with Bedford 4-H Agent



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  • Goerlich, D.L. and K.J. Fisher.  2002.  Education through competition.  Virginia Forests.  58(1):10-12.

Non peer-reviewed (selected)

  • Produced over 120 news articles presently during serving as Central District Natural Resources Extension Agent
  • Produced over 270 newspaper articles while serving as Halifax County 4-H Youth Agent
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  • Stowe J., S. Barts, K. Fisher. 2008. “Extension to offer Backyard Workshop”, Star Tribune
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  • Fisher, K. Forestry For’um tri-annual newsletter informing landowners, foresters, loggers, and natural resource professionals of sustainable forestry education news. URL: http://www.ext.vt.edu/offices/halifax. 12 issues from 2006 – present
  • Fisher, K. 2006. “Management Options for Cutover Land”, Gazette Virginian and Farmville Herald
  • Fisher, K. 2003. Virginia 4-H Forestry Judging Project Book
  • Fisher, K. 2002. 4-H School Curricula on Environmental Stewardship
  • Fisher, K. 2000. State 4-H In-school enrichment curriculum Forestry Lessons

Jason Fisher

Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Natural Resources
(434) 476-2147