4-H Youth Development

Nottoway 4-H program is a youth development program, that targets youth ages 5-18. Many of the programs coincided with the Nottoway County Public School System. The 4-H Agents works with 4th grade in-school clubs visiting each once a month. The fourth graders learn about public speaking and natural resource education, plus help their community by developing a Service learning project. The service learning project this year is a recycling program. They develop speeches and educate their community on the importance of recycling.
The sixth graders also have a program they participate in called the 4-H Science Fair project. Each 6th grader participates as part of their science curriculum. They develop a science fair experiment and display it during the fair the end of March. This in-school enrichment program has become a tradition at Nottoway Intermediate School, with winners competing on the district level as a next step.
Nottoway also has four specialty 4-H clubs, one being the Nottoway Teen 4-H Club. This club does a variety of trip and activities to enhance leadership skills.
The Nottoway regional 4-H shooting sports club practices several shooting disciplines and competes three times out of the year. If you want to learn more about the skills involved with hitting your mark, join this club!
If you’re into learning about livestock, come join the Nottoway 4-H Spilt Hoof Club. This club does a number of activities concerning livestock of all sizes.
If horsemanship is your thing, the Nottoway 4-h Stir-ups Some Fun, is the club for you. Learn about the care and keeping of horse, plus a lot more. This club competes in the State horse show and Horse bowl, horse judging and a lot more!
Nottoway has an active camping program as well. Camping could be a residential camp designed for young fisher persons or an ad vide sleuth investigating a crime scene. It could be conducted during the summer months or fall, spring or winter these mini camps are offered by Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center. We also offer day camps for the young of age and heart. Get involved with the Nottoway Camping Program! Adult leaders, Teen leaders and youth are welcome to apply.