Scott Jessee

Agriculture is a major contributor to the economy of Russell County - with approximately $21 million in annual sales. There are 168,903 acres that are farmed and over 26,000 acres of harvested cropland. Tobacco continues to contribute a significant portion to the economy (close to $1 million).

Educational programming efforts in agriculture are focused around:


  • Breeding and Genetic
  • Health
  • Marketing and Sales

Forage Production

  • Soil Fertility and Management
  • Forage Varieties
  • Harvest Timing

Tobacco Production

  • Soil Fertility and Fertilizer
  • Field Support

4-H Youth

  • Russell County 4-H Senior and Junior Stockman's Clubs
  • Russell County Farm Field Day for 4th Graders
  • 4-H Stockman's Cattle Working Teams



1997                     Virginia Tech, M.S., Crop and Soil Environmental Science

1996                     Virginia Tech, B.S., Crop and Soil Environmental Science

1992                     Virginia Highlands Community College

1991                     Southwest Virginia Community College




 2002- present                Extension Agent /ANR – Crop and Soil Science, Russell County

 2001-2002                      Extension Agent /ANR – Farm Business Management, Washington County

1998-2001                      Associate Extension Agent/ANR – Crop and Soil Science, Wythe and Bland Counties


Honors and Awards:

2009                    Virginia Cattlemen's Association 2009 Industry Service Award

2007                    Woodmen of the World - Conservation Award

2001                    National Association of Agricultural Extension Agents Achievement Award

2001                     Epsilon Sigma Phi State Team Award

2000                     Epsilon Sigma Phi Less than 5 Years Award

2000                     USDA Crop and Weather Reporting Program Certificate of Appreciation


Membership and Major Offices in Professional Organizations


2004 - present                 Russell County Cattlemen’s Association

2001 - present                 Abingdon Feeder Cattle Association

1998 - present                 Virginia Extension Service Association (VESA)

1998 - present                 Virginia Association of Agriculture Extension Agents (VAAEA)

1999                               VAAEA Agronomy and Pest Management Committee

1998 - 2001                     Wytheville Feeder Cattle Association

1998 - present                 National Association of County Agriculture Agents (NACAA)

1998 - present                  Virginia Forage and Grasslands Council (VFGC)

1998 - present                  American Forage and Grasslands Council (AFGC)

1992 - present                 Russell County Farm Bureau

Scott Jessee

Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Crop & Soil Sciences
(276) 889-8056