Neil Clark

Work Experience

Neil Clark is Extension Forester for eastern Virginia and interim Extension Agent for Southampton county.  Neil's current responsibilities include conducting forestry educational opportunities for landowners, loggers, youth, decision-makers, and natural resource professionals. Prior to joining Virginia Cooperative Extension, Neil worked for 8 years doing research for the USDA Forest Service in the area of ground-based remote sensing techniques for tree stem characteristics and forest health indicators.  This research resulted in: the production of a ground-based laser ranging and imaging instrument, associated software for the reconstruction of 3D models of tree boles, 15 peer-reviewed and 13 non-peer reviewed publications, and numerous posters and presentations.  Worked with the Conservation Management Institute on the GAP Analysis Program to improve the LANDSAT forest cover-type map for Virginia.  Worked as a procurement forester for a wood dealer from 94-95, oversaw 5 logging contractors, and handled the accounting for a small woodyard.  Neil has been  secretary/treasurer for the Virginia Division of the Society of American Foresters; served on the 2009 APSAF Annual Meeting committee as finance chair, program co-chair, and several other roles; and is serving a second term as chair of the southeast chapter.  Neil received a B.S. in Forestry and Wildlife in 1994 and an M.S. in Forestry in 1998 with a concentration in remote sensing.  Serving as an extension forester allows Neil to empathize with varied forestry constituents from landowners to loggers to businesses and he would work diligently to serve with the VFA in addressing current and upcoming issues affecting the practice of forestry.

1998 Virginia Tech, Master of Science - Forestry 
1994 Virginia Tech, Bachelor of Science - Forestry and Wildlife

2006-Present Associate Agent, ANR - Virginia Cooperative Extension
1999 - 2006 - Research Forester. USDA Forest Service
1998-1999 - Research Associate, Remote Sensing Analyst. Conservation Management Institute.
1997-1998 - Graduate Research Assistant. College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech.
1994-4995 - Forester - J. Randolph Fogg & Sons, Inc.

2010 Young Forester Leadership Award – Appalachian Society of American Foresters
2010 VCE Program Excellence Award - Program Marketing - State 2nd place 
2009 - VCE Program Excellence Award - Program Marketing - District 1st place 
2009 - VCE Program Excellence Award - Evaluation - District 1st place
2009 Young Forester Leadership Award – Virginia Division, Society of American Foresters 
2009 Photo Contest, 1st place – Virginia Division, Society of American Foresters 
2008 Gold Award for Excellence for Journal Publication from Southern Regional Extension Forestry 
2008 NAACA Communications Award - State Winner - Feature Story 
2007 VCE Poster Contest - 2nd Place Community Viability. Neil Clark, Jonah Fogel, and Glenn Slade 2007 Clean Community Sponsor Award – Bronze. Virginia Beach Clean Community Commission. 

Major Efforts:

  • Conducted regional short-courses and conferences for decision-makers including:
    • Power Generation: Facts and Fiction - March 29, 2010 - Surry, VA conference on power generation process from fuel extraction, power generation, and environmental impacts aspects for 42 county decision-makers and concerned citizens.
    • Ecosystem Services: Marketing Environmental Solutions - March 12-13, 2009 - Charlottesville, VA - region-wide conference exploring the current status of many ecosystem services markets including carbon credit, nutrient credit, and wetlands and wildlife mitigation banking markets for 258 CEOs, business owners, legislators, faculty, agency personnel and decision makers.
    • Growing Pains ~ Balancing Growth and Conservation - June 14, 2007 - Surry, VA conference on natural resources conservation for 36 county supervisors and staff.
  • Coordinate and teach sessions for the Virginia SHARP Logger program 
  • Conduct multiple short-courses for the Virginia Forest Landowner Education Program (VFLEP) 
  • Youth education including multiple Farm Days reaching over 5000 youth, PLT training, and the Restoring the Chesapeake Bay 4H Seedling project 
  • Co-instructor with Wood Magic

Membership and Major Offices in Professional Organizations 

Society of American Foresters - Member (1997- Present)

 - Secretary/Treasurer, Virginia Division (2007 – Present) 
- Chair, Southeastern Chapter (2010, 2008) 
- Chair-elect, Southeastern Chapter (2007) 
- Chair-elect, Blue Ridge Chapter (2006) 

Virginia Forestry Association - Member (2006 – Present)
        - Board member - 2010
        - Membership committee - 2010

Virginia Association of Agricultural Extension Agents - Member (2006 – Present) 
        - Junior Director, Southeast District (2008) 
        - Senior Director, Southeast District (2009) 

Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals - Member (2006 – Present) 
Virginia Extension Service Association – Member (2006 – Present) 
Virginia Urban Forestry Council - Trees Virginia (2007-Present)

        - Vice-President 2010 

International Society of Arboriculture – Member (2006 – 2008) 

Neil Clark

Unit Coordinator
Agricultural Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Natural Resources
(757) 653-2572