4-H Youth Development

  The 4-H Youth Development Program in Stafford County affords youth and adults working with those youth the opportunity to learn and develop leadership, citizenship, and life skills.  Four-H offers fun-filled, hands-on, research-based learning opportunities in the following areas:


•Animal Sciences,    

•Careers and Economic  Education


•Communications and Expressive Arts

•Family Sciences

•Foods, Nutrition, and Health

•Leadership and Personal Development

•Natural Resources and Environmental Education

•Plants, Soils, and Entomology

•Science, Engineering, and Technology

Current Stafford 4-H Clubs/Programs Include:        

The Feathers and Fur Club-Currently meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at  6:30PM at the Porter Library. 

The Stafford Livestock Club-Currently meets the first Monday of each month at  6:30PM in the  Rowser  Building.

The Sew What! Club -Currently meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month at  6 PM in the Rowser Building.

♦ 4-H Junior Camp-This overnight camp is held in July at the NOVA 4-H Center